NEW: the system start page create button

Discover the potential the create button holds

You would like to create your freight offer directly? We make it easier for you to create your offers with the new create button.

Before, you had to go to the form in the application and click on “New”. Now you can avoid this step! The 'Create button" makes it easy.

You can now create freight, vehicle and warehouse offers, tenders, quote requests, routes, transport orders, grant tracking permission and much more, all with a simple click of a button.

The button opens a drop-down list which you use to select what you want to create.

The advantages:

The create button is another option for using the Smart Logistics System with even greater efficiency. The time you save using this simplified process can only improve your work day.

Your feedback is very important to us.

Your feedback is very important to us.

Please let us know what you like and do not like about the system start page. Do you have a suggestion, or a request? Let us know by entering it into the text field below and clicking on ‘Send feedback’.

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