Side menu and toolbar

Find all applications, your settings and more

We have set up our new system start page to ensure that you can navigate quickly and simply through our applications.

Use the blue toolbar at the top of the page to access your personal notifications and settings.

Clicking on the speech bubble in the top right corner of the toolbar takes you directly to Messenger, which opens up on the right next to the smart apps and remains in full view until you close it. You will never miss a chat message again.

And there are other message symbols: click on the bell to access your notifications, followed directly by customer news, located behind the newspaper symbol. Next to those two symbols you will see an envelope, which takes you directly to the TIMOCOM contact form. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave us a message here.

View and edit your company’s settings and your user profile by clicking on the gear symbol. You can find your TIMOCOM ID and your user ID in the right hand corner of the toolbar.

You will also find the Create button on the left-hand side of the toolbar. Take a look at our tutorial here. You can return to the system start page at any time by clicking on the TIMOCOM logo, regardless of which app you have open.

You can find the side menu on the left next to the smart apps. Here, the applications are listed in the order of the transport processes you are familiar with. You can switch between the individual applications whilst working. This means you will never lose track of things.

If you require help or have any questions, just hover over the blue contact bar. This opens the bar, so you can view contact information and availability of our customer care team, our debt collection department and our website.

The advantages:

The side menu and the tool bar on the new system start page simplify your working processes, which saves you valuable time.

Povratna informacija od Vas nam je važna.

Povratna informacija od Vas nam je važna.

Recite nam šta Vam se dopada na našoj početnoj stranici sistema, a šta ne. Imate li neki predlog za poboljšanje ili određenu želju? Ako imate, recite nam. Jednostavno ih napišite u donje polje za tekst i kliknite na „Pošalji povratnu informaciju“

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Na početku razgovora navedite TIMOCOM ID.
Na početku razgovora navedite TIMOCOM ID.