Create company lists containing business contacts

Under ‘My Lists’ you'll find the favourites list and the personal exclusion list. These allow you to list contacts that you prefer to work with or do not wish to work with.

Company Lists are used in the quote requests application and can be found under the groups of recipients tab.

Company Lists are used in the quote requests application and can be found under the groups of recipients tab.

Filter search results based on your favourites list, exclude offers that aren’t relevant

You regularly search for road hauliers from a specific region or prefer to work with companies you know and trust? Find what you need faster by creating a favourites list. If certain companies are not relevant to your needs and you don’t want to see them in search results, simply place them on your personal exclusion list.

Company lists help you to search more effectively for the right transport service provider.

How to create company lists

Under the heading ‘My Lists’ in the settings, you will see your favourites list and personal exclusion list.

Create favourites list

Here you can create lists containing companies that you want to work with. You might create lists of companies for refrigerated transport, for specific regions (e.g. road hauliers in southern Germany) or preferred service providers.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the button “Create new favourites list”.


  2. Give the list a name and click on the tick to save the list.

    Give the list you are creating a name.

  3. In the search bar, enter either the company’s TIMOCOM ID, the name of the company, the country, the post code and/or the location.

    Search for your favourites.

  4. Click on ”Add company” (green plus symbol) to add the company to your favourites list

    Add the selected company to your list by clicking “Add company”.

  5. You can rename (1) or delete (2) the list. If you click on an entry in the list, the “Remove” (4) button will activate. This allows you to delete individual entries from the list.


Create a personal exclusion list

The process is the same as that used to create a favourites list – see points 1-5. Here, however, you should add companies to the list that are not relevant for your business needs, and should not be contacted or shown in search results.



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