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Warehousing exchange

A web-based warehousing exchange is a warehousing search engine by which available warehousing space is traded. Providers use the platform to place their available capacities with all the relevant information. Companies that have goods but insufficient and/or no suitable logistic space can find these via an exchange. A specific search provides results that match the goods to be stored. For this purpose users first enter their desired criteria concerning the warehousing usage such as warehousing type, size or location in the search field. The underlying system calculates the matches between the supply of available warehousing capacities and the corresponding demand. By means of a web-based warehousing exchange companies can react even faster and more flexibly to possible bottlenecks in warehousing space. On the other hand this helps avoid unused space and optimise capacity utilisation. The larger and more extensive the pool of offers the better the chances of finding a suitable solution in the warehousing exchange. Since warehousing space is not only needed by transport and logistic companies, a warehousing exchange can also be of interest to other industries.

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