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Order tracking for transport service providers - Respond to GPS tracking requests

you respond to the request from your transport buyer and give him/her GPS tracking permission.

How it works:

1. If a transport buyer has sent a tracking request to you, you will initially be informed of this with a bell symbol.

2. Clicking on the corresponding transport order opens this order in the second tab “Additional information”.

3. You can link your GPS transmitters to the corresponding transport order and then grant your permission for order tracking to your transport buyer.

4. If you close the order form unanswered, the following dialogue will open. You can then choose whether you want to grant your transport buyer permission.


By granting your permission for order tracking, you are enabling the transport buyer to view your tracking information. This means the transport buyer can follow the transport order itself, which reduces the communication required between you and your business partner. Good to know: In the second tab “Additional information”, you can enter comments in the “Internal comments” field on the transport order. These notes are only visible to you and not your business partner.


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