Freight exchange notifications: Automatic notification when new matching offers are made

Never miss an offer again thanks to automatic notifications

Relevant for:

  • freight exchange

You never want to miss a freight offer again? Automatic notifications when an offer matching your criteria is uploaded to the freight exchange make it possible!

Simply turn on the freight exchange notification function in the settings and have matching offers sent to you. This allows you to react faster to new offers. Get the rest of your work done while waiting for a notification to inform you that there is a new offer available.

The interval for automatic updates is set at 90 seconds. That means that you will receive a notification of new offers at the latest 90 seconds after they are uploaded.

Set up freight exchange notifications with just a few clicks:

1. Click on the notification settings to make your changes (the ‘down arrow’ symbol next to the ‘clock’ symbol). A new window will open when you click on the notification settings.

Freight exchange click on down arrow symbol for settings

2. You can select whether you wish to see a message in your browser or hear the notification. You can also select browser and audio notifications in combination. You can change these settings at any time.

Freight exchange select between browser or audio notification

3. Once you have made your selection, click on the automatic update button (the clock symbol). Your automatic notification settings are now activated. (Position 1 in screenshot below)

4. The search tab will indicate if automatic notifications are activated by displaying a bell symbol.

Freight exchange click on clock symbol to activate and check activation with bell symbol in search tab

Important Information

If you have selected browser notifications, once a new offer is uploaded you will receive a message in the bottom right hand corner of your screen for the search tab you currently have open.
Advantages: you will receive notifications regarding new offers even if...

  • you are working simultaneously in another browser window
  • the browser window with the freight exchange is minimised
  • you are using several browsers simultaneously.

If you have selected audio notifications, you will only hear them for the search tab you currently have open.

Freight exchange browsernotification

Browser notification requirements

You must set the correct permissions in your browser if you want the browser notification function to work. Every provider has a different process that is usually very easy to manage.

  • In Google Chrome, for example, it is easy to allow browser notifications by clicking on the small padlock icon next to the URL.
  • For Firefox, browser notifications are turned on using a small speech bubble icon that is also located to the left of the URL.
  • You can also use browser notifications in Edge.
  • However, Internet Explorer unfortunately does not support browser notifications, so this function is not available to Internet Explorer users. Internet Explorer users can activate audio notifications instead.

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