Here’s how to log in via web browser

In the future, the desktop application users currently use to log in to the Smart Logistics System will be replaced entirely by a web browser login.

This will make accessing the System easier, more flexible and more secure. Users will no longer be tied to a particular location: they will receive a personal account ID connected to their e-mail address and be able to access the Smart Logistics System wherever they are, via their web browser.

Here’s how to apply for the web browser login

Apply for the TIMOCOM web login via the following link:

Please note:

For new users

If your company is already a TIMOCOM customer and you want to apply as a new user, please use the application form on our website. Select the tab “Add user”, fill in the required fields and send your application. You will then receive your web login details.

Fill in the form and send your application.

For existing users

If you are an active user who wants to switch from using the desktop application to using the web login, please contact your customer service adviser

Switching devices for existing users

You are an existing customer and wish to use the desktop version of the Smart Logistics System on a new device? Then please select the “Switch device” tab in the application menu and follow the instructions after entering your data. Our customer service team will contact you to activate the program on the new device.

To switch devices, enter your e-mail address and TIMOCOM ID and then click Download.

E-mail and browser requirements

Your user profile e-mail address must be unique, i.e. it cannot be assigned to any other user in TIMOCOM’s System. If the e-mail address already exists within the System, you cannot apply a second time. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

We currently support the following browsers:

• Windows browsers Edge
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox
• Chrome

If you receive an error message or have any difficulties during the application process, please contact our customer service team

Using the Smart Logistics System via your web browser

TIMOCOM is switching access to the Smart Logistics System to a browser based login system. The desktop login using our software will continue to be available to you until the beginning of 2022. Users will be informed in advance before we discontinue the desktop login service.

More information on the new web login

Web login: frequently asked questions


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