Upload documents to your company profile

With the up and download feature you are able to provide frequently requested documents, such as EU licences, certificates or proof of insurance on your own company profile.

Company Profile

Offer direct access to relevant documents instead of e-mailing back and forth

Transport customers are always asking you to provide the same documents via e-mail or fax? Allow your business partner to access them directly instead.

How to upload your documents to your company profile

  1. In the settings under My Company, select the menu item Documents. Click on the + New Document button to upload the file of your choice – or use drag and drop to move it into the relevant field.

    Add to your company profile using the New Document button.

  2. Then add the title, type of document, language and validity before uploading it

    Enter information on the title, type, language and validity of the document.

  3. Once you have filled out all the information, press Save. If the document is not immediately visible in your profile, click on the default setting. It will switch from Yes to No.

    Click on Save to add the document to your company profile.

  4. In the top left corner, click on View my profile to check what other TIMOCOM users see when they look at your profile.

    View the documents in your own profile.

  5. 5. Your company profile will be displayed. Clicking on the small preview image allows you to check documents within your browser without downloading them.

    Adding documents to your company profile makes you more competitive.


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