Up and download feature for documents

Up and download documents

Why use this feature?

The new up and download feature allows you to upload frequently requested documents to your company profile (EU licence, business registration or proof of insurance) and provide them to more than 130,000 other system users. This allows you to simplify business processes and increase your competitive advantage with the help of an informative company profile.

Not only that, you have the option of searching for companies based on which certificates, approvals or licences they have uploaded. In turn, other companies can find you using the same criteria.

How it work´s

Step 1:
First, click on the gear symbol in the top right of the screen to go to your 'Settings'.

Find the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System settings

Click on "Documents" in the menu to manage the documents in your company profile.

Find the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics document settings page

Step 2:
Now click on the button "New document" to select the file you would like to upload. As an example, you could upload certificates that help you stand out for the transport customer when compared to other service providers.

Find the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics document settings page

Step 3:
The selected file will be displayed in the upcoming dialogue. You just need to add a few pieces of information (e.g. type of document, language) before the document will upload.

Add TIMOCOM Smart Logistics upload infromation

Step 4:
The uploaded document will appear in your list of documents. At this point, it is visible neither to TIMOCOM users nor to TIMOCOM itself.

TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System document list

Step 5:
To ensure the document appears in your company profile, you need to make it visible for all users. Simply click on the button "No". It will now change from "No" to "Yes". The uploaded document is now visible and available for download to all TIMOCOM users.

Make TIMOCOM Smart Logistics document visible

Step 6:
To view your company profile as other TIMOCOM users will see it, simply click on "Show own profile".

Preview TIMOCOM Smart Logistics profile

Step 7:
Your company profile will be displayed. By clicking on the small preview image you are able to check the document in the browser without download.

TIMOCOM Smart Logistics document preview in browser

Step 8:
In the preview mode, the document is displayed in full view.

TIMOCOM Smart Logistics large preview for viewing

Step 9:

To make sure a search can find your company based on a specific document, all you have to do is upload that document and make it visible.

TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System document list visible documents

Step 10:
In the company search, you have the option of searching for companies that have uploaded specific documents (EU licences, business registration or proof of insurance). In turn, you can be found by other users based on the documents you have uploaded.

TIMOCOM Smart Logistics search for documents in the company profile


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