Uninstalling TIMOCOM

These instructions allow you to uninstall TIMOCOM step by step on your own work computer or device.

If you no longer wish to use your account, if you change your account, take over a computer that already has Login installed, or if you have to re-register for any other reason, then you may have to uninstall an existing copy of the application.

If you want to set up your TIMOCOM account on the computer that you just uninstalled the program from with the help of this guide, you can find the installation guide here.

How it works:

1. Click on the arrow to the right under your task bar to view the hidden icons. Right click on the TIMOCOM icon and then click 'quit'.

2. Go to www.timocom.co.uk and type the number 0 in the search bar on the top right of the TIMOCOM Website, then press 'enter'. Now click the 'Download uninstaller' button. Click 'run' as soon as the uninstall.exe file has been downloaded. Or first save the application. Then go to your downloads folder and double click on the uninstall.exe file to uninstall the program.

3. If you are working with Windows, a black DOS window will appear with the following question: “Are you sure to uninstall TC Truck&Cargo® from your Registry?". Select 'yes' and then press enter. Various procedures are now possible depending on your operating system. Simply follow the instructions in the black window and answer any questions asked.


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