Transport customers can create transport orders centrally, from a single system

The TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System allows you to create transport orders directly from your freight offers. You can also create and manage additional transport orders within the system. Your business partner doesn’t even have to be a Smart Logistics System member!

Applies to:

  • Transport orders
  • Freight

Keep an eye on all your assigned transport orders

Is creating and managing your transport orders in different systems costing you time and getting on your nerves? A suitable service provider replied to your freight offer and you now have to find the address information and send them the order?

There’s a better way! In the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System, you can create an order from the offer with a single click, then simply enter your business partner’s TIMOCOM ID. The system makes it possible for you to centrally create and manage all your transport orders – so you always have the latest information on your orders.

Tutorial: how to add transport orders to the system

Did you create your freight offer using the freight application?

Then it couldn’t be easier: in the freight application, simply click on ‘Order’.

You can then select “Create order and delete offer” for one-time offers, or “Create order and keep offer” for freight offers that need to be assigned more than once. You have then created a transport order directly from your freight offer, so there is no need to enter the relevant information twice. Simply fill in any additional required fields.

Tip: if your business partner is also a TIMOCOM user, select “with TIMOCOM ID” at the top of the order. This automatically imports all information from your business partner’s company profile.

Transport orders application options for creating an order

Create transport orders using the transport orders application

  • Use “Assign order” to open the transport orders application
  • Click on “Create” to create a new transport order
  • Select from “Create order”, “Order using template” or “Create template”

Transport orders application options for assigning an order

  • The information saved in your company profile will be automatically filled in with you as the transport customer.
  • Select “with TIMOCOM ID” if your business partner is a TIMOCOM user, and their information will also be automatically added to the form
  • Select “no TIMOCOM ID” if you wish to record an external transport within the system
  • You only have to enter data for your service provider from the externally assigned transport order, making it easy to manage all your transport orders.
  • Fill in the required fields (marked with *)
  • All other fields can be filled in or not as you wish – depending on which information you want to see in your order overview
  • Click the “Save" button

Now you can view all your transport orders under Transport Orders. It is the best way to simply manage all your transport orders from a single location.

Tip: once you are done, you can save your orders as PDFs and send them to your business partner.

More about transport orders:

After a transport order has been sent, accepted and the transport has been carried out, the transport customer and service provider can rate each other. This is done in the Transport orders application. You can find more information here.


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