Guaranteed payment thanks to the JITpay™ factoring service

By using the JITpay™ factoring service, you can transfer your invoices to JITpay™ via the Smart Logistics System and receive payment within 24 hours of completing a transport order.

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Factoring by JITpay™, with TIMOCOM

Sick of late payments? Get paid for transport orders immediately!

You want payment within 24 hours and help creating invoices? Use JITpay™ payment services for simple, digital invoice payment

How to use the service

Even before accepting a job, TIMOCOM customers can see whether or not an order can be settled using the payment service, with help from the JITpay™ button.

If the JITpay™ button is green, the order can be settled using the factoring service.

If the JITpay™ button is grey, it is not possible to settle the order via JITpay™. In that case, please contact JITpay™ customer service for more information.

If the JITpay™ button is grey, you cannot use the payment service.

Next steps

1a) You receive a transport order directly via TIMOCOM’s System

The new order can be found under “Received orders” in the transport orders menu

Go to Received orders in transport orders

If the order is suitable, go ahead and accept it In the “Transport customer” field, you will now once again be able to see whether or not the order can be settled via JITpay™. If it can, the JITpay™ button will be green.

Check that the transport order contains all the required information.

You can only use the payment service after accepting the order.
Once you have accepted the order, you can forward the information to JITpay™ in order to create your invoice. To do this, simply click the “JITpay™ payment services” button.

Switch to JITpay by clicking the JITpay payment services button.

You will then see a new browser window with a login screen for the JITpay™ invoice centre. Log in to JITpay.

Use your JITpay login data to log in to JITpay.

1b) You receive an order from the freight search via e-mail or fax.

Please enter this order into the Smart Logistics System in the transport orders application under the menu item “Received Orders” and then “Record”.

Create a transport order as usual using the transport orders application.

A new transport order will open. Enter all relevant information from your transport order into the form or enter your business partner’s TIMOCOM ID.

Enter transport order information or enter your partner’s TIMOCOM ID.

Enter information in all the fields marked with an asterisk, that is all information required to process the order (e.g. vehicle type).

Fill out the mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk.

Further down the page you will see space for information on payment conditions. If you wish to forward the order to JITpay™, you must fill in this information. The information required is the freight charge and the date the payment is due.

Enter the freight charge and the due date for the payment.

As soon as all information on the route has been entered, click on “Complete record.”

Once you have entered all the information, click on complete record.

You can now forward the information to JITpay™ to create an invoice. To do this, click the “JITpay™ payment services” button. You will then see a new browser window with a login screen for the JITpay™ invoice centre.

Use your JITpay login data to log in to JITpay.

2) Placing the order in the JITpay invoice centre

You will be able to view your transport order in the invoice centre. The information you entered into TIMOCOM’s System will be used to create the invoice. You only have to add a small amount of additional information to factor the invoice.
In the “Invoice recipient” field, enter the e-mail address of the invoice recipient.

Enter the recipient’s e-mail address in the JITpay invoice centre under ‘Invoice recipient’.

You must enter the date the payment is due in the JITpay™ invoice centre. You must also add POD (proof of delivery) after completing the order.
Click on “Save & Exit” to transfer the order to JITpay™.

Click on save and exist to transfer the order to JITpay.

3) Managing orders in the JITpay invoice centre

You can now view and manage the invoices you have factored in the JITpay™ invoice overview. Here you can view their status and click on individual orders to change them.

In the invoice overview, you can manage your orders and view their status.

In an individual factoring order, click on the orange-coloured i in the invoice status. You now have to add two pieces of information for JITpay™ to process the transport order.

IMPORTANT: you absolutely must provide proof of delivery. You will not be able to click the “Create invoice” button until you have provided POD.
Now click on “Create invoice” and the factoring order will be sent for processing.

Add proof of delivery and click on create invoice.

You will now see an invoice preview and have the option of checking all invoice information one final time. The “Back” button allows you to enter the editing menu and make any required changes.

IMPORTANT: If you click on “Save and send” the order will be sent and an invoice number will be generated. Once that has happened, you cannot make any more changes to the invoice. It is therefore important that you check the invoice preview thoroughly.

Check the invoice preview to ensure everything is correct. You can make changes by clicking the back button.

You will then be redirected back to the invoice overview. You will now see a green tick next to your factoring order. This shows that the invoice has been created.

You will see a green tick next to invoices that have been created in the invoice overview.

In the invoice overview, click on the orange i. The next editing window will open so that you can approve and send the invoice.

Approve and send the invoice.

Your documents are now ready to be sent. Click on the “E-mail” field at the bottom of the screen. There you will once again see the invoice recipient’s e-mail address.

If everything has been entered correctly, click “Send”. Your invoice will now be sent to JITpay™. The payment service will then proceed to process the payment with your transport customer.

After checking the invoice, click send to send the invoice to JITpay.

You have more questions regarding how to use the payment service? Our customer service team will be happy to help. Call us or send us an e-mail.


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