Send transport orders to business partners without a TIMOCOM ID

TIMOCOM is introducing the option to send transport orders to service providers outside of the Smart Logistics System

With the latest transport orders smart app update, TIMCOM has significantly improved the system’s scope of use. Starting immediately, you can also send transport orders from the Smart Logistics System to business partners who are not TIMOCOM customers.

Your benefits:

The latest update means you can avoid switching systems, saving you time and effort. Instead of using different systems, or communicating with PDF files sent via e-mail, you can send requests to external service providers smartly, safely and simply from the Smart Logistics System.

Step by step instructions

1. Open the transport orders smart app menu, and click on the subheading “Assign an order” and then on the ‘Create’ button. The “New transport order” form will open, with the tab “Transport order” selected. Here, in the “Service provider” field, you can now select between ‘with TIMOCOM ID’ and ‘without TIMOCOM ID’.

By the way: the white ‘Create’ button in the system start page header allows you to create a transport order from any smart app.

2. You will then be asked to fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk. You must include the e-mail address of the external recipient. The external recipient will then receive an e-mail informing them that they have a transport order in the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System that they can access under an individually coded guest account.

3. The external service provider can display the current order status for you, as well as share information such as the vehicle licence plate number. However, they cannot make use of the tracking smart app, and thus have no option to approve GPS tracking of the vehicle. You will be unable to use the option “Request tracking permission”. You will see a note regarding this in the app:

4. As usual, in the following steps you can add important information to the transport order, for example regarding loading and unloading points, the freight, the vehicle, payment conditions and any other relevant parameters. The buttons located at the top of the screen allow you to determine what happens next with your completed transport order: ‘Send’, ‘Save’, ‘Options’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Close’.

5. Once the recipient receives the mail and clicks on the order link, they will be asked to provide their individual PIN as authentication. The PIN can be found in the e-mail. After entering the PIN, they can view the details of the transport order:

By the way: the potential external service provider can access the transport order for up to a week after the planned completion date for the job. The relevant date in this case is the date of the last, latest unloading location.

6. The recipient can now decide, using the buttons at the top of the screen, whether they want to accept or reject the transport order. The decision is legally binding. As the transport customer, you will be able to view their decision in the Smart Logistics System by viewing the status of the order in the transport orders smart app.

7. Both parties are also able to cancel a transport order retroactively. The service provider can request cancellation once they have accepted the order, the transport customer can do so at any time:

8. The service provider will then receive an e-mail informing them in full that the transport order has been cancelled:

9. As the transport customer, you can also delete transport orders sent to external recipients from your order summary in the Smart Logistics System. Once you have done this, the external service provider will automatically lose access to the order; the link from the e-mail will be deactivated immediately. As with all other transactions, the recipient will be informed via e-mail that the order has been cancelled:


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