Filter and manage transport orders

The transport orders smart app shows the status of all transport orders issued by and assigned to you. In the left hand side menu, you can display new, accepted, rejected or cancelled orders by using various filters. The filter at the top of the menu allows you to do a targeted search for specific orders and then view them.

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Transport orders smart app

Keep an eye on all your transport orders

Hundreds of sheets open in Excel, and you still can’t keep track of your current order status? Your colleague is sick and you need a summary of their orders, as soon as possible?
The transport orders smart app allows you to manage, filter and evaluate your orders – online and at any time.

View received orders in the smart app

You can view your orders sorted according to status, as follows:

  • All
  • In progress
  • Sent
  • Accepted
  • Rejected
  • Cancelled

This helps you keep an eye on the orders you receive and your workload, allowing you, for example, to view GPS data, documents and status of the order. It is all saved in a central dataset – audit proof and archived. Even after weeks or months, you can view detailed information on the order.

Transport orders smart app overview received orders order status

Filters for easy viewing

You can also filter your transport orders according to the following criteria:

  • Order number
  • Internal reference
  • Transport seller / ID
  • Status
  • Freight price
  • Order date
  • Loading date
  • Unloading date
  • Vehicle licence plate
  • Contact person
  • Last changed by...

Transport orders smart app filter function

Templates, archive and order settings

Under ‘Templates’, you can create and manage templates and directly apply them to your transport orders.

Please note: This function is only visible under ‘Assign order’.

In the archive, you can save old, completed orders that you do not yet wish to delete.
Under the order settings, you can apply standard settings to outgoing transport orders – this can be done from the side menu under ‘Assign orders’. Here you can add standard documents such as your general terms and conditions or set a sequence for your order numbers. In addition, you can add your logo to the orders and define a set message to appear in the footer. Or simply design the order so that it appears on your company letterhead. Orders from the TIMOCOM system can be customised to match your company requirements.

You can make changes to the settings for incoming orders in the side menu under ‘Orders received’.

More about transport orders:


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