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TIMOCOM now offers a web-based login to the Smart Logistics System. We answer your most important questions. You can find further information on the new web login procedure in our Update Pool

Web login means that you can log in to the Smart Logistics System via your web browser, and use the System regardless of where in the world you are. To do this, open the following URL and log in using your e-mail address and password: https://my.timocom.com/app/weblogin/ 
As part of the application process, you will receive a link that you can follow to set your password. You select your own password for the new web browser login.
There are two options for resetting your password:
1. You can reset your password on the login page https://my.timocom.com/app/weblogin/ by clicking on “Forgot password”. You then enter your e-mail address. A link will be sent to your e-mail account, which you can use to enter a new password.
2. You can reset your password via the settings in the Smart Logistics System. To do this, select “Security” in the left-hand menu and click on “Reset password”. In this case, too, a link will be sent to your e-mail account, which you can use to enter a new password.
Your user name is your personal e-mail address. If you are unable to remember which e-mail address you used, please contact the TIMOCOM customer service team.
The new web login means you only need one account that can be used on all your devices. There is no need to register new devices for use with the System.
We are phasing out the desktop login. It will, however, still be available to you until the end of 2021. In 2022, the desktop login will be replaced by the web login. We will let you know in advance before discontinuing the desktop login.
To sign up to use the Smart Logistics System, please apply at the following link: https://www.timocom.co.uk/apply
We use two-factor authentication to protect your account. That means that, once you have entered your e-mail address and password, you will receive an e-mail containing a verification code. However, this will not happen every time you log in to the System, only when we are concerned that someone else is trying to log in using your account. To ensure that you do not require two-factor authentication every time you log in, we recommend not deleting TIMOCOM cookies.
We currently support the following browsers:
• Microsoft Edge
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox and
• Chrome
You can use these browsers to log in via web browser. If you have any trouble logging in, TIMOCOM will provide technical support for these browsers. In other browsers, the view of the Smart Logistics System applications, for example the graphics, could be limited.
Logging in via web browser is simple, flexible and secure. Security within our Smart Logistics System is very important to us.
Please contact the TIMOCOM customer service team when an employee leaves your company, so we can block their access to the System.
No. You can only use the web login to log in on one device. However, you can work in several tabs at the same time on the device you are using.
Yes, you will still be able to work in several browser tabs or windows at the same time.
You can find instructions on uninstalling the desktop login programme here.
Please contact your company’s IT department or your device’s administrator.
Please contact your company’s IT department or your device’s administrator.
No, you will not incur any additional charges by using the web login.
We are slowly switching everyone over to use of the web browser login procedure. You will be informed in advance as to when you can make the switch. If you would like to start logging in via web browser immediately, please contact the TIMOCOM customer service team.

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