Check service provider documents and attach them to the order

To ensure that you, the transport customer, can save all documents relevant to your transport order in a single location, we have introduced the “Check documents” function. You can use this function to view your service provider’s documents, select relevant documents and then, with a single click on the “Documents” tab, save them directly to the transport order. These documents are for your own record keeping and cannot be shared with the service provider. As the transport customer, you always have an eye on things, including at what time the service provider uploaded which documents to the system. (e.g. proof of insurance, etc.)

Save yourself the trouble

You have already encountered problems when hiring service providers, because important documents were not available?
With our function you have proof of whether or not the documents were made available, and can check the documents before assigning the order.

How to check and attach documents:

Step 1: Check service provider documents

In the relevant transport order, click on the ‘Check documents’ button. You will see a list of all documents from the service provider’s company profile.

Transport orders smart app check service provider documents

If the service provider has not uploaded any documents, this function will be deactivated:

Transport orders smart app document check not available when no documents available

Step 2: Download relevant documents

By clicking on the name or the magnifying glass, you can preview the document. You will find the ‘Download’ button under the preview, and can use it to download the documents.

Transport orders smart app document preview and download

Step 3: Collect important documents

In the dialogue, you can now select multiple documents and assign them to the order:

Transport orders smart app select and save documents

Your transport order at a glance

You can now find the selected documents in the ‘Documents’ tab, meaning that all relevant information for the transport order can be found in a central location. This ensures that you, the transport customer, always know which documents you had access to at the time you made the order:

Transport orders smart app view documents available at order time

The advantages of checking service provider documents and connecting them to an order:

  • You can save all documents (archived in a non-editable form) in a transport order in a central location.
  • It is no longer possible to dispute whether an order was placed or not, as the documents prove that it was.

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