Transport orders application:
The top functions for 2020 based on your customer requests

The transport orders application allows you to process transport orders completely digitally, using automation. Our goal as we continue to develop the system is to focus on functionality that matches the needs of our customers. Attached you will find a summary of the customer requests that we have implemented in the application in 2020.

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Transport orders application

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Create transport orders on your smart phone

It is now simple to create transport orders on your smart phone. The feature can also be used on smaller screens and increases your flexibility when it comes to digital order creation.

Display VAT ID

The VAT ID of the service provider is listed in the transport order. To create a credit note, accounting no longer has to ask the dispatcher for the VAT ID; the order document including all relevant service provider information can be forwarded internally.

The VAT ID is displayed in the transport orders application, optimising your accounting processes.

Order summary including freight price paid

Add the column “Freight price” to your order summary using the table settings. You will then be able to see a summary of all paid freight prices directly in the transport orders application.

The order summary in the transport orders application allows you to keep an eye on your freight prices.

Data export for freight prices per route

Use the “Excel export” button to download your personal ‘freight price per route’ statistics and process them internally.

Price statistics in the transport orders application can help you to evaluate price developments on each of your routes.

Add file attachments to order templates

To save time, you can create and save templates for transport orders. Recurring orders often require the same set of documents, and you can now simply add them directly to the relevant template.

Save time by creating templates with file attachments in the transport orders application.

Information on vehicle tracking in the order PDF

If you wish your service provider to provide vehicle tracking services, you can now list this requirement in the order documents.

Use the order document in the transport orders application to let your business partner know when you want to track their vehicles.

Filters using the exclusion and favourites list

The lists allow you to sort companies into those you do not want to work with (exclusion list) and those you prefer to work with (favourites list).

The exclusion and favourites lists in the transport orders application allow you to highlight your preferred business partners and filter out those you do not want to work with.

E-mail notifications

The notifications are only sent once the relevant transport order has been assigned to a contact person. This helps to facilitate targeted communication between business partners.

If you want to send a transport order via the Smart Logistics System, designate a contact person as the recipient.

E-mail notifications regarding new order documents

You can add important documents to a transport order retroactively and share them.
If new order documents have been added to an existing transport order, the service provider will receive an e-mail notification.

Add documents to an existing transport order and share them.

Service providers will receive an e-mail notification in the transport orders application informing them that new documents have been added to the order.

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