Add and share documents for current transport orders

In the transport orders smart app, you can add documents to a current transport order. Collect all relevant information on the transport in a central location. As the transport customer or service provider, you can upload and drop files under the “Documents” tab even after the transport order has been sent. In doing so, you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep the document private or share it so your business partner can see it too.
Documents you might want to upload include proof of delivery, photos of damage or invoice documents.

Protection, not disputes

Have you already experienced problems with payment, because the documents (invoices etc.) were unavailable?
This function provides proof for both parties; the uploaded documents show when which documents were made available.

How to add documents to a current order:

In the Transport orders smart app, find the Documents tab within the transport order.

Transport orders smart app new tab documents in order

Step 1: Add or upload contractual documents

In the area at the top of the screen, you can Drag&Drop documents directly from the file system, or use the “Upload documents” button to upload them. You will see a list of documents below this function.

Transport orders smart app upload documents for order

In the section “Service provider documents” (from the transport customer view) or “Transport customer documents” (from the service provider view), you will see the contractual documents that your business partner has shared for viewing.

Transport orders smart app list of contractual documents

Step 2: Name, assign and share contractual documents

During the uploading process, you will see a dialogue in which you have to enter the file name, an allocation and a category for the file. In addition, the user has the option of checking a box to share the document for viewing by their partner.

Transport orders smart app name contractual documents

You can also allocate the documents to individual shipments under ‘Assign to’.

Transport orders smart app allocate contractual documents to a shipment

Transport orders smart app assign contractual documents a category

Step 3: Edit and share contractual documents

Once a file has been uploaded, it will appear in the list. Here is can be shared so that your business partner can also see it, or deleted. As long as the file has not yet been shared, the document type can be changed in the drop down list:

Transport orders smart app share contractual documents or change type

Documents that have been shared and can be viewed by your business partner are marked with an eye icon. If a document has been shared, you can revoke this by clicking ‘End share’:

Transport orders smart app view and change contractual documents share status

Once a document has been shared, you will see a confirmation and your business partner will receive a system notification.

Transport orders smart app contractual documents partner notification

If the sharing status is revoked, your business partner will still see a description of the document, but they will no longer be able to access it.

Transport orders smart app contractual documents only description visible after revoked sharing

The advantages of adding and sharing documents in a current order:

  • You can save order-related documents digitally, no paper required
  • Quicker and more efficient processing of receipts, invoices, credit notes, etc.
  • Speed up payment flow
  • More transparency via shared documents

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