Use the cross-function

One entry, double the chance

Application example:
You have created a freight or vehicle offer, but no suitable business partner has contacted you? Simply open the freight or vehicle search directly from your offer to see if you can find a matching business partner. You will immediately get an idea of how many offers there could be for your business, and quickly find the right partner for you.

You have the option of changing your offer into a search with just one click, or transforming your search into an offer. That means: your entries are automatically saved and transferred. This helps you quickly check your offers and actively advertise your services.

Transport service provider

  • create a freight search from your vehicle offer.
  • create a vehicle offer from their freight search.

Companies searching for transportation

  • create a vehicle search from their freight offer.
  • create a freight offer from their vehicle search.

Good to know:

  • If the button is not active, that means the entries are not active or have not been saved.
  • Up to 5 search tabs can be open with multi-search. If you have already opened 5 tabs, you will receive a message saying that the search that has gone the longest without being updated will be overwritten. You can cancel the action if you prefer to check the open tabs and close them yourself.
  • Not all entries can be transferred 1:1. For example if the fields do not match, it makes no sense or it might cause search limitations.

Your benefits:

  • you avoid multiple manual search entries.
  • you can quickly check to see whether there is already a match for your search.
  • you actively promote your offer.
  • you use the transport platform efficiently and flexibly.
  • you reduce transcription errors and mistakes.

Why not try the new one-click feature on the TIMOCOM Platform right away, and find out what it can do for you?


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