Use company lists to help group business contacts

New function enables service provider groupings for targeted transport quote requests

We have revamped and expanded your settings for you. Where you would previously see the ‘Create blacklist’ area, you will now see the ‘My lists’ button:



After clicking on "My lists", you will see two functions. One is the Blacklist function you are already familiar with, where you can list companies that you definitely do not want to work with. But now there is also an equivalent function, as requested by many of our customers and users, the ‘Company Lists’.

With it, you can save up to 15 company lists. These may be for specific types of transport, e.g. “Fridge”, for regions, e.g. “Freight forwarders in southern Germany,” or even priority based, e.g. “Preferred service providers” or “Friends”. Each list contains service providers that you would prefer to use for specific transports, or that you want to target for specific requests.

And of course the list function offers the option of renaming the list, deleting it (2) or updating it after changes (2). If you tick the box belonging to (3) a company on the list, you will activate the “remove” field (3), allowing you to delete individual entries from the list.

A directory with 6 of 15 possible company lists might look like this:

How it works:

To create a company list, click “Create new company list”.

The system will then ask you to give the new list a name:

After entering the name, create the list by clicking "Save". The list will now appear in the overview and you can add up to 50 service providers to it. The providers will not be informed that they have been added to any of your lists.

Assigning a provider to a list works the same way it does for the blacklist, by entering the TIMOCOM ID, the name of the company, the country, the post code and/or the location in the search bar. Click on "Add" to add the relevant service provider to your company list.

You can add individual comments to each service provider by clicking on the pencil symbol (1) next to the relevant company’s information. In the following pop-up window, fill out the "Comments" field using a maximum of 250 characters and confirm the entry by clicking "Save".

What you should know:

The company lists form the basis for the "Group of recipients" in the quote request application. Here, in addition to the individual service provider search, you can make use of your company lists and the saved consecutive groups of recipients.

The advantages:

By creating company lists, you now have the option of grouping your business contacts and saving them under a name of your choosing. This saves you valuable time, as there is no need to manually create a group of recipients. The company lists therefore serve as a mailing list targeting specific recipients for offers and addressed to them directly.


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