Transport order smart app

Manage freight orders digitally, then record them and view statistics within the system

Have you already found a business partner, and now you want to close a contract with him? Then use the transport order smart app to manage your freight orders digitally.

If you and your business partner have already agreed on the freight transport, you can use the app to create your transport order and send it digitally. Once your transport order has been sent to your business partner, they can accept it, reject it, or subsequently cancel it.

If your business partner accepts the transport order, the system generates a mutually binding and legal contractual document. You can then manage the transport order digitally in your native language using the transport order smart app. Not only that, you can manually add transport orders organised via e-mail to the system in order to digitally manage and even archive them, so you can view your transport orders and their status at any time. If you save everything digitally, you can also view the statistics. This allows you to keep an eye on transport orders and your turnover!

The advantages:

Save time by processing all your orders centrally in the TIMOCOM system.


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