Transaction progress for order tracking

Set and keep an eye on the status of the transaction

We have developed the new order tracking for you. The new “Transaction status” segment can now be found on the second tab “Additional information”.

Transport service providers:
you have the option of setting a transaction status at each loading and unloading point of the transport order. This status indicates whether the goods have been picked up at the loading point or delivered to the unloading point. You can also enter the vehicle licence plate number. The transaction status and the licence plate number of the vehicle are transparent for the company searching for transportation.

Companies searching for transportation:
you can view the transaction status and vehicle licence plate number at any time in the transport order overview. Once your service provider confirms the last unloading point or enters and/or changes the vehicle's licence plate number, you will receive a notification through the bell symbol.

The advantages:
you can maintain a precise overview of the transaction progress and save yourself the extensive communication involved with your business partner.

Good to know:

Vehicle licence plate number
The vehicle's licence plate number can initially be entered by the transport service provider immediately upon accepting the transport order and can only be changed by said provider. If the provider changes the licence plate number, the company searching for transportation will be informed of this with the bell symbol and will also see the change.

Transaction status
All loading and unloading points of the transport order are listed automatically. The transport service provider confirms with a single click whether the goods have been picked up or delivered. After this confirmation, the name and time are recorded.


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