Activate individual e-mail notifications to save time and money

We have introduced an input assistant designed to assist you as you fill in your user data and activate customisable services. The assistant will begin by asking you to enter your personal user and contact information. It will then guide you step by step through the ‘User settings’ window, where you can activate e-mail notifications for tenders and order completions as desired. For example, if you bid on a tender, you can change the user settings to ensure that you receive an e-mail notification with any important information regarding the tender.

What you should know:

  1. The e-mail address for the notifications is not visible to other users. The e-mail address in your contact data is of course visible to other users.
  2. It is best not to use a general e-mail address for notifications (e.g., as this could lead to your notifications getting lost amidst general correspondence.

After seeing a greeting from the input assistant, click on ‘Start assistant now’ to move on to the first input mask tab. Here you will be asked to enter your user information - fields marked by a star are mandatory. Once you have clicked ‘Continue’, you will see a second tab with the header ‘User settings’.

The view under user settings shows, in addition to the selected language and time zone, which notifications you already receive via e-mail from the system. They are marked by a tick in the box next to the relevant notification option.

If at least one notification has already been ticked, you will see an e-mail address on the right hand side of the window. As soon as you have clicked on an option, the input field ‘E-mail for notifications’ becomes a required field. The number of notifications available to you depends on your user behaviour when it comes to tenders and order completion. If you do not select any of the options, the assistant will not require that you enter an e-mail address.

Once you have entered your e-mail address, the assistant will inform you that you will receive a notification at the e-mail address provided once you have finished filling out the form. You must confirm receipt of this initial e-mail via the link provided within 48 hours. The notification service will not be activated until you have validated the e-mail address.

If you enter an e-mail address into this field that is already in use by another user within your company, you will receive an error message. The assistant will then request that you provide an alternative e-mail address. This address must also be verified using the confirmation link in the initial e-mail.

You can end the update procedure for your user information and settings by clicking ‘Close’. After that, simply continue using the many applications available to you in our Smart Logistics System as normal.

If you want to view or update the user information and settings you have saved in the future, you can do so via the myTIMOCOM button. Simply click on the gear symbol to open the relevant window within the system:

The advantages:

E-mail notifications are another option for using the Smart Logistics System even more efficiently. Go about your daily business, assured that you will receive an automatic notification when there is new, relevant information available for your transactions. Manual checks, for example of tracking approval, are no longer necessary.


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