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We are happy when you are happy

We are happy when you are happy

We offer employees the chance to significantly contribute to corporate development within a growing company, allowing them to push themselves further when it comes to their own growth. We reward engagement, motivation and commitment with further education on an individual personal and professional basis, and of course with appreciation. In return, we are a reliable employer. We offer an environment that provides feedback and deals with mistakes in order to continue to improve. Our positive and diverse atmosphere is a definite highlight: different cultures, backgrounds and experiences create a colourful mosaic of views that harmonise perfectly with one another.

Positive work environment

We are always working to create an environment in which every employee is happy to come to work, has a sense of well-being and can work on personal development.


Talent should be supported. Which is why every department places a high value on both personal and professional training measures, whether through personalised coaching, day or week long seminars or even an entire course of study.

Additional services

We think about tomorrow today, and support you with contributions to capital formation and a subsidy applied to company retirement benefits. Not only that, we offer electricity subsidies, a 13 month salary and a variety of discounts for well known products and services.

Work-life balance

Flexitime, home and mobile office are compatible with operational conditions? In that case, you can choose to adjust your work day to meet your individual needs.

Workplace health promotion

The health and wellness of our employees are important to us, which is why we offer a variety of health initiatives and after-work events there really is something for everyone.

Modern office equipment

On the go, location-independent and in the thick of it with your own laptop ‐ or, depending on your position a company mobile ‐ you will never miss the latest action.

Internal events

TIMOCOM BarCamp, Oktoberfest, Carnival or the yearly summer party ‐ we are always spending time together and celebrating company success in a relaxed atmosphere.

Free Parking

No need to spend hours searching for a parking spot, simply park your car in the company lot.

On-site canteen

A selection of fresh meals, relaxed meal times with one another, a comfortable atmosphere and an inviting rooftop terrace ‐ just another ordinary lunch break in ‘Timo’s Esszimmer’.

Drink flat-rate

Drink as much water per day as you want. The same, of course, is true for those who prefer coffee or tea; help yourself at any time from the many available machines.

Company transit ticket

Prefer to travel by bus or train? The company has access to a discount ticket that lets you travel cheaply and comfortably.


Brightly coloured beanbags, modern brain-storming corners as well as the close by Neandertal valley invite you to relax. And if you take a closer look, you will see that one or two people have already had great ideas in this setting.

And now it is your turn

Take a look at the TIMOCOM atmosphere for yourself:

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TOP Company

Find out how TIMOCOM rates as an employer in Germany.

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kununu – OPEN Company – Employer seal of approval

Fair Company

We are a fair company because...

We are a fair company

... we support, value and compensate our employees appropriately for the work they do. This is easy to see for example when you consider that even apprentices and work placement students can take on responsibility for their own tasks and have the chance to find regular employment at the company. We are invested in our employee’s creativity, which is why our owner-run company supports, appreciates and honours employee ideas. We actively support work-life balance among other things using flexitime and reduction of overtime.

Event Overview

You want to get to know us better? We would love to have you. At TIMOCOM, we are big fans of direct, personal conversations in a relaxing environment.
Which is why we would be thrilled to have a conversation with you at the following events - live and in colour.

Event Period City/Town Type

Our next events are currently not yet set in stone. As soon as our plans are solidified, we will put the information in our event overview.

You can send Your application to us digitally at any time - react to a job offer or take the initiative. We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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