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Graduating is just the beginning

Graduating is just the beginning

For school students

Out of school and straight into professional life. We accompany you on your exciting journey into the professional world, and ensure that you acquire all the professional knowledge and personal skills that you need for your apprenticeship. Not only that, we think it is essential that you feel good about your job and can continue to develop. This means: your educational supervisor and your professional mentor will always be available to listen to you, and you can be part of the team providing support right from the very beginning.

Here are our available apprenticeship positions. Take a look! If we are not currently advertising for apprentices, just remember: we love initiative!

Available apprenticeships Apply on your own initiative

Your development­opportunities

Success story: From apprentice to permanent employment as a software developer

Success story: From apprentice to permanent employment as a software developer

Marcel Norres successfully completed a shortened apprenticeship as a software developer at our company. Now he has outdone himself by studying part-time for a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - all while working as a software developer in our IT department. “You never stop learning. That’s why I thought it was important to stay on the ball after my apprenticeship and continue my professional development. I am really grateful for the personal and financial support I have received from TIMOCOM.”

For University students, student trainees and interns

You are currently in the middle of your degree and looking for extra practical experience, or you have already graduated? Apply with us. We are on the search for personalities, not finished careers. At TIMOCOM, you can add a new and exciting challenge to your CV. We look forward to growing with you.

We are looking for graduates of the following subjects or with comparable apprenticeships in software development:

  • IT or Information Systems degree
  • Maths degree
  • Economics degree (for example with a focus on finance, personnel or event management)

If a particular position requires another specific degree or a particular qualification, you can read all about it in our current job offers.

If we are not currently advertising for student trainees or interns, just remember: we love initiative!

Available student jobs Apply on your own initiative

Your development­opportunities

Success story: From intern to project manager

Success story: From intern to project manager

Jana Schmilewski began as an intern at TIMOCOM after finishing her Bachelor of Economics. Now, she is a project manager in the marketing department, and is studying part-time for her Masters of Science in Marketing & Communication. She is able to directly apply knowledge from her degree to her work. “The degree was very helpful when starting to work. After my internship, I was certain I wanted to stay on at TIMOCOM and that I wanted to work on my Masters at the same time. I am so happy that my employer goes out of their way to support my personal and professional development.

Your development­opportunities

IHK-Magazine 11-2016 on TIMOCOM (excerpt)

We do a lot for our colleagues - and people outside the company are starting to notice. For example the IHK-Magazine published an article under the title “Attractive employers meet their employee’s needs” that discussed developmental opportunities at TIMOCOM and the individual funding opportunities our employees have access to. Jana, Vanessa, Marcel and Stefan are just four of many successful examples. Are you interested? Then start your career with us by applying now!

Download article (PDF, 530 kB)

Recommended by German Employees

TOP Company

Find out how TIMOCOM rates as an employer in Germany.

kununu- TOP Company - Employer seal of approval
kununu – OPEN Company – Employer seal of approval

Fair Company

We are a fair company because...

We are a fair company

... we support, value and compensate our employees appropriately for the work they do. This is easy to see for example when you consider that even apprentices and work placement students can take on responsibility for their own tasks and have the chance to find regular employment at the company. We are invested in our employee’s creativity, which is why our owner-run company supports, appreciates and honours employee ideas. We actively support work-life balance among other things using flexitime and reduction of overtime.

Event Overview

You want to get to know us better? We would love to have you. At TIMOCOM, we are big fans of direct, personal conversations in a relaxing environment.
Which is why we would be thrilled to have a conversation with you at the following events - live and in colour.

Event Period City/Town Type

Our next events are currently not yet set in stone. As soon as our plans are solidified, we will put the information in our event overview.

You can send Your application to us digitally at any time - react to a job offer or take the initiative. We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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