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Manage transport orders

  Transport orders

Process and manage transport orders centrally and easily with your business partners directly on the TIMOCOM platform.

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TC Transport Order® – manage transport orders

You would like use the order management feature? We would be delighted to help you:  +49 211 88 26 88 26
  +49 211 88 26 88 26

We have the digital solution for your transport orders!

As a transport buyer, you create a transport order including all necessary information, and send it digitally to your service provider. As a service provider, you receive a transport order from your potential business partner centrally via the the TIMOCOM platform, and can accept or decline it with one simple click. By accepting the transport order, you establish a mutually binding legal contract.

Now, both business partners have the opportunity to manage the transport order; not only that, both can keep an eye on the status of the order digitally from a central point.

In addition, transport orders can be created and sent using a previous transport quote request or load offer, without any need to enter the information twice. In addition, as a service provider you have the option of adding transport orders received via other channels, such as e-mail, to the platform in order to centrally and easily manage every order you receive.

Your advantages:

  Order agreements without additional communication tools
  Mutual assurance with a binding contract document
  Transport orders in your national language
  Personalise transport orders with the company logo, documents and an order number generator
  Use templates for recurring transport orders at any time
  Centrally record transport orders from external customers
  Use statistics to form future business decisions
  Order tracking by connecting GPS transmitters to transport orders

This is how digital order handling words:

Find out exactly how digital order completion works by taking a look at our Service blog, TIMOCOM Update Pool. Feel free to view the blog any time you want more information on how the transport platform works.

Optimise your business processes with digital transport orders!


As a transport buyer, you can assign transport orders to your business partners via the TIMOCOM platform.


As transport service provider, you can react to transport orders directly on the TIMOCOM platform by accepting or declining them digitally.

You would like use the order management function? We would be delighted to help you:

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